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Prime Modular Data Centers


Recognized for product innovation PRIME has into an industry leader.


Prime takes great pride in all of our Modular Data Centers designing in quality at every stage


Our products and people meet and exceed expectations. Our dedication to the industry is unmatched.

Prime Wire & Cable Inc. was founded in 1985 and established its presence in the USA Industrial and Home Improvement market channels with vertically integrated extension cord & electrical accessories design, manufacturing and distribution in Southern California. In 2006 YFC BonEagle International, a manufacturer of structured cabling and OEM power supply cords purchased Prime, combining the best of Prime’s innovative designs, marketing and sales with YFC’s precision manufacturing capabilities to form an ever-expanding industry leader in Electrical Accessories and Structured Cable. As a strategic outgrowth of our structured cable and data cabinets, we now provide modular data centers which are designed for the rapid development of 5G networks and complete cloud data storage solutions. Our prefabricated MDC solutions deploy in approximately 50-60% less time than custom designed brick and mortar solutions. Prime can pre-wire the Data Center to your spec so there's less set-up time at the site, combined with our natural air cooling to use 50% less electricity than standard HVAC solutions. Our micro and modular data centers are ideal for the wireless revolution we are now in, and are ideal solutions for 5G, AI, virtual reality applications or emergency services. With a variety of modular data centers, we can rapidly deploy a solution for any size network needed. 

 Prime is a wholly owned subsidiary of YFC-BonEagle, a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Prime & YFC have manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Ecuador and China as well as Sales & Service offices in Europe, Asia & North America. With offices in Diamond Bar, CA and Mooresville, NC, and multiple distribution facilities in Southern California along with regional industrial distribution warehouses in the USA in addition to fulfillment centers in Toronto and Coquitlam BC. Prime has positioned itself as both a product and service leader in the electrical and data communications cable markets as well as a key manufacturer of modular data centers.