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2kW 32U Enterprise Data Center


2kW 32U 1-Rack Natural Air Cooling Indoor Rated MDC

  • Enterprise Solutions
    • Small Businesses
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail Stores
    • Hotels
    • Streaming/Gaming
    • Smart Homes
  • Emergency Services
Feature Benefits:
  • Save Time
    • Prefabricated solutions deploy in approximately 50-60% less time than custom designed solutions
    • Prime can pre-wire the MDC to your spec so there's less set-up time at the site
  • Save Money
    • Natural Air Cooling uses 50% less electricity than standard HVAC solutions
    • Evaporative Cooling uses 75% less water than traditional water-based HVAC solutions
  • Rapid Deployment
    • Prefabricated solution requires less design time and prep at the site
    • Are portable and can be quickly deployed in emergency situations
  • Stable, Reliable & Scalable 
    • Everything is precision designed using the same components throughout the product line
    • All sensors, systems and structures are checked during production and after assembly and again on-site
    • Expansion is easy whether adding additional same model MDCs or expanding to a larger size with more racks as the platforms & components are consistent
    • Self-Regulating Climate Control
      • Each MDC's Programmable Logic Control is pre-programmed to the site's climate conditions but senses changes in temperature and relative humidity and adapts instantly

    PRIME’s Modular Data Centers are a prefabricated and efficient solution for 5G Macro Sites and Enterprise applications. The Natural Air Cooling system cuts energy costs dramatically – using 75% less water and 50% less energy than traditional cooling solutions. The prefabricated structure integrates multiple physical infrastructure subsystems; all components are fully inspected and tested prior to the unit being shipped out to the customer. PRIME’s MDC’s are easy to operate and maintain. 

    Download Spec Sheet Here